When getting data from a WooCommerce, Magento or whatever form API, all fields and values are returned in a (generic) attribute list format. Like from a contact form:

		"field_id": "1",
		"code": "Firstname",
		"value": "John"
		"field_id": "2",
		"code": "Lastname",
		"value": "Doe"
		"field_id": "3",
		"code": "Email",
		"value": "test@test.com"

To pull each individual field out of this list and store it in Dataverse (for example) can be done with the Filter Array data operation. For a lot of fields (that might change periodically), this is very time consuming. So I tried to build some flow steps that pull out each field from the attribute list and add it to an object. So I am able to use an object in the subsequent flow actions.

To do this, I loop through each item and add both the ‘code’ and ‘value’ (in this example) fields to a (text variable) JSON “object”:

When the JSON text object is created, I parse it.

The following object was the result of parsing the text object that was generated from the example attribute list

So, that’s how I did it. Any suggestions? Or easier solutions? Please respond to elowy@grootcrm.net. Thanks!